Becoming a Hero

Heroes League Legacy – Book 1

When choosing to become a hero can mean becoming a vigilante killer…

Outside the safety of post-apocalyptic Domed-Atlanta, heroes and villains with genetically-modified super abilities battle to the death. Life is safer for those who declare neutrality. XJ Patterson is constantly bullied by her stepsister for wanting to be a hero. Then, her stepsister’s bullying takes a horrible turn and endangers the life of her mom who is under the influence of addictive and illegal tech mods. No one in her neutral world will lift a finger to save her undocumented mom who has declared herself a hero. XJ is devastated and realizes she is the only person who will stand-up and try to save her. There’s only one problem, XJ must use the same illegal tech mods to boost her own genetic super abilities.

With great power comes a warped mind… 

Can XJ resist the addiction to the mods or end-up a dangerous vigilante killer like her mother and grandmother?

The original concept for this series was previously published as Breaking Free. This book’s concept is completely new and re-imagined as a superhero story.