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Most People of Color Don’t Care for Science Fiction: Morris Chestnut talks about his role on the hit TV series “V”

 OK, I’ve been trying real hard to not skee and scream whenever I see  Morris Chestnut on “V.” I’ve always had a little crush. LOL! Totally, a fan girl…

Last season ended on an incredible cliffhanger.  Is Ryan Nichols dead? Did they kill off Chestnut's character?  It would be so cliche, if the black man dies when the series is taking off. One thing is for sure, Chestnut has acted his butt off during this last season of “V” and not many have noticed.  He’s done a great job of showing Ryan Nichols as a traitor but we still sympathize with him. I never sympathized with Robert Englund’s character. 

 In Chestnut's interview, he brought up two points that strike a nerve for me. One, that people of color wonder if he’s been working for the last few years and two , that “most people of color don’t care for science fiction.” I just don't get it.  "V" is a top-rated TV series. The promos were on and the conflict was high. It's even retro.  All of the things necessary to crossover.

I love science fiction. I love “V” but there are only a few people of color that I can talk to about the show. Everyone else thinks it’s weird but it’s a hit show.  C’mon people, the man is just plain old sexy! Doesn’t that get a few extra viewers of color? 

I can’t wait to see what next season brings but I’m curious as to what others think about this idea that people of color just have a dislike for spaceships, time travel, and otherness.  Any opinions?

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