Your Black Card has been Revoked: Points lost for loving Sci Fi.

African American girlfriends with shopping bags

The other day I was having an amazing conversation with one of my best buds. Our conversation, of course, moved to my love of Sci Fi and fantasy.  She sort of laughed when she said, “You know, it’s hard to openly say you love Sci Fi, your Black card will get revoked.” We both had a great laugh and then we talked about it seriously. It really can be hard for people of color to admit that they actually love SciFi and fantasy. It’s a shame really.

I’m wondering if this is just something we’re feeling or if others have the same perception. I’ve put together a little poll to see.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a person or color or not, go ahead and participate.  The question?



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Please pass the poll around via e-mail, FB and Twitter, I’d love to get at least 100 people to take it. I’d like to have a good sample to discuss later.

If you feel inclined, leave a comment or two. I’m always open for a good discussion.

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