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White Supremacy Did Exist in Thor: Loki as an Adolf Hitler Archetype

May 22, 2011

My husband and I finally got a chance to see Thor. It was everything that we thought it should be... Action, heart pumping, and Thor was a great hero.  Idris Elba actually fit in this Thor version.  In fact, we were impressed with the multicultural crew and strong female characters. For the most part it seemed like a traditional Marvel movie.  The only thing we both disliked was Loki. I mean what was up with his character?


I thought I "got" Loki's traditional character as the trickster and evil manipulator but this Loki was an odd bird.  I just didn't understand him.  My husband and I went back and forth as to why the character flopped. Tom Hiddleston did a great acting job.  The words rolled off my tongue, "This Loki reminded me of Adolf Hitler." 

We both looked at each other and had an Arsenio Hall moment, "Hmm."  We actually created a list in the car. Tell me what you think:

  • Hitler was part Jewish.  Loki was part Frost Giant.
  • Hitler hated and despised Jews. Loki hated and depised the Frost Giants.
  • Hitler had dark hair. Loki had dark hair.
  • Hitler had a small, wiry frame.  Loki had a small, wiry frame.
  • Hitler was eccentric. Loki was eccentric.
  • Hitler was a master manipulator of words. Loki was a master manipulator of words.
  • Hitler ran a fear-based regime. Loki ran a fear-based kingdom. 
  • Hitler committed suicide. Loki committed suicide.

 Did Hollywood do this on purpose?  If I were a white supremacist, I think I would be mad. I might even boycott this movie but not because of Idris Elba's character.  

Did anyone else think that this Loki was odd?  What do you all think about these similarities? I'd love to hear comments.  I'm pushing the envelope here. If you think I've gone to far, let me know.

Hitler's Mixed Race Ancestry Questioned:

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4 comments on “White Supremacy Did Exist in Thor: Loki as an Adolf Hitler Archetype”

  1. I am a fan of Loki and I honestly think you are right. The fact that he attempted to exterminate the frost giants is an allegory to white supremacy, but objectively that situation is not realistic since the frost giants do not exist. In the world of comics it is called "Fantastic Racism", as it's perpetrated against a non-existent ethnic group.

    1. Definitely lots to think about and discuss. That movie had lots going on. But then, Loki always does...

  2. However, this is not necessarily done on purpose. For example, the fact that Loki is a word manipulator, eccentric, has short black hair, and has a slim build does not necessarily have to be inspired by him.
    The fact that he ran a reign based on terror can also be inspired by overviews of the past, such as Maria Tudor, known as "Mary the Bloodthirsty".
    I have no idea.
    Let me be clear, I despise Hitler with every fiber of my soul but I like Loki because he is fictional and because the situations presented in "Thor" are unrealistic (Frost giants are not real).
    I wanted to make this clear because I don't want you to think I'm antisemitic.

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