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Alicia the Superhero: Getting Ready for the FFP 2011 Gathering in New York

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to New York. It's gonna be a fast paced trip but I'm anticipating having so much fun.  One of the trip's highlights  will be the FFP Gathering. The theme this year is Superheroes. Last year, I had so much fun dressing up in Steampunk but this superhero costume has been exciting to create.  My sister helped me figure out my ensemble. The first thing I did was try and figure out just which superhero I would be...


I combed websites and looked at all sorts of costumes. Maybe Lara Croft but then there was Super Girl and Wonder Woman and a Robin Looking sidekick. LOL!  There were so many to choose from but then I realized that I was a little too chunky for some of those sexy outfits.  Hmmm. My sister was a trooper. She looked at everything with a critical eye. She didn't even laugh when I told her I wanted to be Mrs. Captain America with Red, White and Blue. It was a bit much, I have to admit.

Robin Side Kick

Finally, we narrowed it down and instead of purchasing a suit that might not fit, I headed over to Party City and pieced together something that I believe will be cute. I can't wait to take on my new persona. She's a cross between Wonder Woman and Mrs. Captain America. I hope you all like it. I can't wait to get to New York!

If you're headed to NYC, are you going to the Gathering? If so, what are you wearing? If you're not headed to NYC which Superhero would you be? I love dressing up!

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