Ned is Dead: A Sistah Couldn’t Sleep Last Night!

Ned_StarkIf you haven’t watched the latest show, don’t read this. It has spoilers. Last night I watched Game of Thrones. I’ve been on pins and needles all week. Game of Thrones got to be so exciting that I convinced my Grandma to start watching. I know, Game of Thrones, isn’t your typical African-American show but my whole family has enjoyed watching it together. For weeks my hubbie and I have discussed, wondered, and pondered who would end up on the throne.  That iron chair.

So, I was totally attached to Ned Stark. In fact, I feel like the Starks are good, honest, people. In this cut throat world, they are religious, conscientious and well-thought. So I just knew that HBO would save Ned from a head chopping. I mean, the way that he went was disrespectful, disloyal, and wrong.  I almost started crying when the blade came back with the blood on it. I was totally invested in his character.

joffreyHow’d they let him go out like that? But, I thought about it all last night. HBO did the best thing.queen People are more hooked on this show than ever. I’m totally invested in the retribution that’s sure to come to that little snot of a King.  And the Queen, she just makes my blood boil. 

I know. I shouldn’t feel so strongly about a TV series but I haven’t been sucked into a series like this in a while. If you’ve been watching Game Thrones, how’d you feel? Were you on twitter doing #freeNed?  Let me know what you think.

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