Holiday Movies with the McCalla Family

ColumbianaDuring the holidays the McCalla family sits down to watch some incredible movies and TV features.  This year we spent time watching Columbiana and Afro Samurai. You get the theme? Revenge against those who murdered a parent, in front of the child none-the-less. 

Both were violent, intense, and trailblazing. I’d even venture to say that they both had supernatural elements. Zoe Saldano’s character had to have divine help to do what she did. LOL! I loved the trickster subconscious in Afro Samurai. He provided much needed comic relief in an otherwise very serious and disturbing techno futuristic world. Afro_Samurai

The Afro Samurai cuts all in his path; He just moves forward fighting anyone to get his revenge on number one. Zoe Saldono’s character, too, lost everything in her pursuit of revenge. Her assassin was tough, brillant, and calculated. Her exit strategies were heart-racing. Whew! It was something to watch. 

All-in- all the McCalla family’s holiday entertainment was interesting, exciting, and fun. Hey, whay kind of holiday movies did you watch? Share!

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