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Mawu: Bonus Material in Iniko's Novella

I've been working diligently on fine tuning Iniko.  I'm very excited about this novella and the bonus material that will be included.  Are you ready to meet Mawu?  She is a beautiful West African Earth goddess who is kicking butt while pregnant. That wasn't elegant was it? LOL! 


In the bonus material, readers can become better acquainted with the series arc and characters.  The fate of this universe and two others are at stake in this battle of good vs. evil.  Readers will also learn more about the relationship between Mawu and the Norse God, Tyr, though things may not always be what they seem.  They will also learn about the sacrifices that Mawu has to make with her daughter, Iniko.  I've enjoyed building the West African pantheon and sprinkling, well, dumping in a ton of conflict in regards to race, gender, and issues of sexuality.  

I've also had a great time writing the fight scenes.  Lots of stabbing and jabbing in this one. I love writing warrior women!  Mawu is a force to be reckoned with... She's tough, smart, and has powerful elemental magic.  I have let my imagination run free in this series and I hope readers will enjoy it. 

Don't you all love Noelle Pierce's work on my covers?  She did an outstanding job on Mawu's bonus material. I've asked her to re-do Iniko's cover to fit more in line with the series so look for an updated cover soon. 

Iniko and Mawu's bonus material will be available this summer.  Can't wait to share the novella. BTW, don't forget to sign-up on my subscriber's list. I'll be giving away a discount coupon to my subscribers along with other goodies.

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