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Happy 2014! Only Kick-A$$ Black Women Heroines Need Apply…

December 31, 2013

It’s no secret that I love Urban Fantasy. It’s one of my favorite genres along with SciFi, Dystopian, and dark Paranormals. I adore Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series and Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series. But when it comes down to it, I get all excited when I see kick-a$$ black women heroines like in Kenya Wright’s Habitat series or Seressia Glass’ Shadow Chasers series. So, there I was in the middle of writing the Soul Eater when Noelle Pierce unveils this awesome dragon fairy with two guns drawn.  Why did she agree to redesign my website? Why did she provide me with this distraction? The dragon fairy princess would not stop assaulting my sleep until I wrote her introduction. I guess, it’s fitting, she is now the main focal point of my awesome website re-do so why shouldn’t I write her tale? Happy 2014! Let me know what you think of my new 2014 web design and meet Aisha, the Dragon Fairy Princess and descendant of darkness: 

Aisha, The Dragon Fairy Princess

          I looked in my Mama's casket. Her entire funeral was anti-climatic. I peered in trying to see the woman that she really was but even in death they had her glamoured to a "T." Her skin was a flawless white, lips plump red, and hair shimmering blonde--A white beauty to behold. The only problem was she was dark chocolate--darker than me in fact.  I turned my head towards my ignorant ass royal family. There they all sat looking like great white royals while underneath they were darkness.  I started to act a fool but then I realized my being here, looking like who I really was--was probably enough.

          The detective and dragon fairy princess, Aisha, who was too stupid to know how to hide her dark skin.  I shrugged and went into that fake “royalness” that drove me insane. I spoke to my father, my brothers, and my sisters. I wanted to spit in their faces. My mama was dead, we were no longer THE royal family. The fairy magic would slowly move to some other family, we no longer had to play the game, we could go back to who we really were but they held onto it as if they were gasping for air.

          Me, I was sick of their shit. Seriously, I was ready to move on to a new era. It was the 21st century, after all.  I was 100 years young and now I was free from royal bondage.  I could drop that whole dragon fairy princess deal and get-on with my freaking life. I patted the guns on my side.  I liked dealing in justice. I liked chasing after fairies who did wrong and hauling their asses-in to pay for their indiscretions and lies.  It felt good to be who I'd become but I’d always had to tone it down because I was a “fairy princess.”

          My father nodded his head and asked me to bend down. "Darling, could you sit towards the back. You know, the perception of you is damaging to our family and all."

          "Really?" I could have slapped my Da into next Tuesday.  A small tremor shook the walls. I knew who was on his way. My Uncle Bomani's magic filled the room. He burst through a fireball of light and landed easily opening his red, black, and green wings.  He was dark as the night and drop dead gorgeous. I'd always loved him. He was the only one that had remained in his true form, always. He seldom came out but when he did, he was impressive.

          The guests gasped but they were too afraid to do anything. He not only was the oldest fairy in the room but one of the most powerful.  Some called him darkness. He’d turned down being the King of the fairies and allowed my mother to be queen. He didn't want to be bothered with the politics of being the first black male fairy king. My mother was the first black queen but she hid it under pounds of white glamour to fit-in and make the white fairies feel safe. My uncle Bo opened his arms to me.

          "Aisha, my lovely niece, so good to see you." His deep voice boomed, rattling the walls. 

          He pulled me into a massive hug. I smiled and accepted his warmth. With my uncle Bo, I felt like a child again. He was the only one who'd accepted and loved me. He made my mother accept me for who I was. I'd always be grateful to him for taking care of me like that.

          I peeked over at my fake family. In Uncle Bo's presence, well, their glamour eroded. The lookers-on could see them for what they really were--all of them were a variety of dark chocolates, mocha and caramels that they wanted to hide.  Their glamour cracked and you could tell that they wanted to scatter but they all sat suspiciously still. Uncle Bo released me and walked over to my mother's gold plated casket.

          He snapped his fingers and his magic destroyed the glamour that my family created.  He turned back and winked at me. My Da was pissed but said nothing. I didn’t know what to say so I peeked back into her casket and I saw my real mother for the last time. She was beautiful, chocolate brown, and regal. My heart ached then, for what would never be. Tears rolled and I looked over at my family as they tried to hold onto that fake white glamour as if they were going to spontaneously combust. 

          My Uncle smiled at me. “Go live your life, Aisha. You have my permission.”

          I bowed to my uncle then stood up and turned towards my father.

          "I don't have to sit in the back, Da, Don't worry. I've got better things to do with my time like hunt down liars and thieves."

          I turned my back on them fools and left.  In the darkness of the night, I’d come for criminals to make them pay with my guns and the little magic that I could perform. 

Justice would wait for no one and must be served…  


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