Two Considerations When Purchasing a Book with a Black SciFi or Fantasy Protagonist

Considerations Purchasing Black Science Fiction or Fantasy Protagonist

If you are considering purchasing a series or novel with Black Science Fiction or Fantasy Protagonist, take some time to consider these two questions: 

1 Is it written by a Black author?

The reading experience is different when it’s created by a Black author.  Oftentimes there are suitable nuances that the Black creative brings to the work. Remember, the lens is different which means the emphasis and ideology is too… 

2 Are there cultural/Afrocentric themes woven within the science or fantasy world-building? 

Themes are incredibly important to consider but more importantly when there is a mixture of Afrocentrism, it changes elements of the genre. Oftentimes, the sharing of cultural themes brings a unique twist to the world-building. 

Have any more considerations, ideas or thoughts about making a purchase of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy stories? Feel free to make a comment below.

Alicia McCalla

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