My Blerd Inspiration: Baby Yoda!

Let me tell you about my Blerd Inspiration this week! I'm excited to have received Baby Yoda. He fits in perfect with R2D, BB8, and Chewbacca on my living room table. I've been a HUGE fan of Star Wars since I was ten years old. Yes, I saw the movie when it first came out in 1979. My grandma took me and my uncle to see it. Totally enjoyed every minute of it. If I could, I would be Princess Leia or become my own Jedi. Baby Yoda has been lots of fun. He sorta talks, has a frog to eat and in general, looks stinkin' cute. Perfect inspiration for me to finish my superhero series. Are you a Mandalorian fan? Let me know what you think of Baby Yoda...

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