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A Radio Dramatic Reading of The Last Vampire Huntress

December 5, 2020

I’m so excited that the Last Vampire Huntress has been featured on Black Women Are Scary as a Radio Dramatic Podcast. I think the episode is fantastic. Maribel Martinez did an amazing job and I’m in love with the sound design  by Gabe Castro of The Ghouls Next Door. 

This month’s episode features work published in midnight & indigo as part of their Twenty-two Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers, edited by Ianna A. Small. Content Warning: In this episode, instances of specific violence are discussed. It’s important to take care of yourself while listening. Some suggestions include listening while you’re in a healthy headspace or knowing who you can reach out to if you become upset. By contacting the National Hotline at 1-800-656-4673, you can get support and learn about your local resources. There is always someone ready to help. Written by Alifah Omar Performed by Alverneq Lindsay Sound Design by Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions Featuring Guitar Music by Tri-Tachyon - Director and co-producer is the incredible Gineiris Garcia And last but never least, your humble host, Wi-Moto Nyoka
  1. S1E7: Unseen
  2. S1E6: 'Til Death
  3. S1E5: The Last Vampire Huntress
  4. S1E4: Forest of Children & The Elevator
  5. S1E3: And Then I Wake Up

If you have a chance, no strike that… You need to listen to this amazing podcast that brings the Last Vampire Huntress to life. It is certainly creepy, scary but it’s good. I want to scream thank you to the host, Wi-Moto Nyoka and Director & co-producer Gineiris Garcia for selecting my story and bringing it to life. 

If you’d like to hang out with me and be entered to win a Last Vampire Huntress T-shirt click here for more details about the Macabre Mixer sponsored by Black Women Are Scary Podcast. 

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