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Fandom Interview: My Favorite Black Woman Superhero is…

I love discussing Black Women Superheroes. I had the marvelous opportunity to interview another fan. Take a look at her interview and share if you’re a fan of her favorite Black woman superhero. 

Name: Jamica

When did you become a fan or how long have you been a fan of Black women superheroes? Since I first saw Storm in the 90s. At least 25 or so years.

Do you have a favorite Black Women Superhero, if so which one? I'd have to choose Spectrum/Photon because of her power set to manipulate light and she's a Black American woman making her more relatable than Storm, who I also love.

What makes her heroic to you? Is it her bravery, strength, courage or something else? Please explain. It's Spectrum's strength and  her relatability as a black woman. I can see myself in her. Plus, the dynamic between her and Blue Marvel is great to see.

Why do you think it’s important for Black women to be represented as superheroes? So young women and girls can see powerful characters that look and act like them and know that they are powerful and its ok.

Is there a superhero series that you would love to see a Black woman lead or a favorite that already exists? If so, which one and where... 

I'd love to see Spectrum lead The Ultimates. She's high ranking but I want to really see her leadership abilities on full display. 

In your opinion, which black woman superhero is totally ignored or undervalued and we should know or see more about her? Why?Rocket. Rocket is such an awesome character that doesn’t get enough love, unless she's with Icon. Seeing her in Justice League Unlimited and an episode or 2 of Young Justice made me want to see even more of her.

Anything else you’d like to share about your Black woman super hero fandom? I love Storm and the fact that she opened the door for more black women superheroes.

Would you like to share your favorite Black Woman superhero? Click here to complete the interview questions. 

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