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Summer 2022: LAKE ATITLÁN in Guatemala 

For our summer trip, my hubby and I visited Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with Abiri Tours similar to our visit to Ghana. As usual, we had two missions (1) To support the local community (2)Learn as much about the culture as we were able to in 8-days. First, we stayed in a host home with a fantastic family. Mama Kina and Papa Domingo welcomed us into their home with open arms. Each day we ate authentic food and became a part of the family. We even learned how to make Escabeche with Mama Kina.   

Each day we woke up had a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt or everyone’s favorite pancakes then we headed off to San Pedro school where we received Spanish instruction for 3-hours. I was excited to learn Spanish for the first time and in the end, we both received certificates at the graduation ceremony. 

Then in the afternoons, we visited cultural and historical sites to learn about Mayan culture, history and practices. It was a fantastic adventure. 

On our last full day, Ashley Scott, our tour guide with Abiri tours, gave away 500 pairs of glasses to those in need within the local community (children to elderly). It was a momentous occasion and I was so proud to be a part of the experience and of Ashley for his grand efforts. 

We certainly enjoyed giving back and learning as much as we could about the indigenous culture as possible. 

Let me know what you think about our world travels and if you plan to go on an adventure this summer. 

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