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Writers in a Slump TALC Town Hall Panel Discussion Resources

November 4, 2022

I appreciate being asked to participate in the “Writers in a Slump” panel discussion for TALC’s Town hall meeting. If you’re here from that presentation, welcome! Here’s a few resources I’ve put together. Feel free to leave a comment or inbox me.

Where to find my Brand Position Statement Course?

I created a presentation for the Career Author Summit and have a class on SFA. I’m generally not a coach, but if you find yourself stuck in my course and would like some support, I’d be happy to offer 3-Coaching Sessions at a discounted rate if you show me that you’ve enrolled for my course at SFA

Internal Work Resources

Grief Recovery Handbook and Anne Keaton (Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist) this is the format I used to create the grief recovery letter for my first book.

Shirzad Chamine's Book and PQ Resources: Positive to Negative Assessment and Saboteurs Assessment finding out which saboteur has you high-jacked is critical in getting back to your passion and mission.

Becca Syme's Writer You Need to Quit

Holly Lasky (Transformational Coach)

Ruth Poundwhite (Perfect for introverts and sensitive types who want to engage in business)

Finding Your Strengths Resources:

Kolbe index (Explores what you will or won’t do not what you like or don’t like) 

Clifton Strengths

Fascinate Test (Why People Find you Fascinating)

16 Personalities (More detailed Myers-Briggs) 

Entrepreneurial Path 

Speaker Superpower

Natural Tendency

Direct Sell Resources

Monica Leonelle (Follow her on Substack and FB)

Morgana Best (Join her FB Group, take her Shopify Course and read her book--get the workbook too)


I use Printify to create the merchandise in my store. Here's my TryPrintify affiliate link.

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