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Summer 2022: LAKE ATITLÁN in Guatemala 

Author Alicia McCalla travels with Abiri tours to Guatemala to learn about Mayan Culture and share in the philanthropic mission.

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it's Official: I'm a writer & Audiobook narrator!

I'm an official audiobook narrator with the release of Three Story Method: Writing Scenes.

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Curse of a Spiral: Witch Anthology is Available!

Curse of the Spiral is available for purchase on Amazon1

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Witches of Salem Anthology Coming Soon!

Alicia McCalla's Short Story "The Fae Witch's Pregnancy" is a part of the Witches of Salem Collection Anthology.

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Author of the Month: Black Women Are Scary Podcast

Excited to be Author of the Month on Black Women Are Scary Podcast!

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In 2022 I’m Reading Female Assassins…

Follow Author Alicia McCalla on GoodReads to see her 2022 Reading Goal to read Female Assassin Stories.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Author Alicia McCalla

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Are You A Writer?

Author Alicia McCalla shares recent interviews and resources for new writers.

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DragonCon Urban Fantasy Track Panel: Cultural Folklore & Mythology in Urban Fantasy Media

Alicia McCalla participated on a DragonCon UF track discussing Cultural Folklore and Mythology.

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How to help someone who's lost a child… My Interview with Jen Finelli

How to help someone who has lost a child. Author Alicia McCalla in a interview with Author Jen Finelli.

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