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Shop this look: Black History Month Outfit

Shop this Sista Superhero Names Collection look on Author Alicia McCalla'a Emporium. Free US Shipping on $100 or more.

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she created the superheroes she wanted to see...

Author Alicia McCalla cosplays Captain Marvel and also creates Black Women Superheroes that she wanted to see as a kid.

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I Wanted to be Wonder Woman When I was a Kid….

Author Alicia McCalla wanted to be Wonder Woman when she was a kid...

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Superhero Mega Anthology Giveaway

Author Alicia McCalla participates in the Superhero Mega Anthology Giveaway. Over $600 in giveaways and 500 pages of independent comics and stories.

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Win a Fairy Face Mask During the 12 Days of Christmas Author Takeover Party

Author Alicia McCalla will give away a Fairy Face Mask for the 12 Days of Christmas Author Takeover Party

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12 Days of Christmas Author Take Over Event in the Diverse Books with Magic Facebook Community

Alicia McCalla and other authors in the Diverse Books with Magic Facebook Group will have games, gifts, and giveaways for the 12 days of Christmas.

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Why I write Black Women Superheroes…

Author Alicia McCalla explains why she writes Black Women Superheroes

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Enter to Win a Last Vampire Huntress T-shirt & Join Me on Friday!

Join Me on Friday (12/11) to win a Last Vampire Huntress T-Shirt! Woohoo!  Can I tell you that I’ve been super excited about the Black Women Are Scary (BWAS) “Dramatic Reading” Podcast for the Last Vampire Huntress! It’s fantastic!  Make sure you listen because it’s good! Join Me @ the Macabre Mixer! BWAS also includes […]

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A Radio Dramatic Reading of The Last Vampire Huntress

Black Women Are Scary Podcast features The Last Vampire Huntress Story By Author Alicia McCalla.

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Alicia McCalla Interviews Alledria Hurt

Author Alicia McCalla interviews Author Alledria Hurt for Diverse SciFi and Fantasy Stories Podcast.

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