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Check out my Interview with Hildie McQueen on My Favorite Things

I'm so excited to be interviewed by Hildie McQueen today.  She asked about my five favorite things. Shout out to all my tea drinkers.  I also shared about my favorite restaurant.  Go check out the interview.

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Paranormal Author Hildie McQueen Discusses Her Biracial Heritage and the Impact on her Debut Novel Desperate Betrayal

Alicia_and_Hildie_M_and_M_2011I’m so excited to share my interview with Hildie McQueen. She’s one of my writer buds from Georgia Romance Writers. Hildie’s book, Desperate Betrayal, was recently released by Crescent Moon Press.

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Alicia McCalla wants a diamond studded leather stock to go with her diamond bullet proof dress. See her interview with Hildie McQueen.

Hilda_headshot_1I'm so happy to be interviewed by Hildie McQueen. I love her great personality. Please take a look at my interview. It's hilarious. After I did it, I was thinking that I should've said I'd like to wear a diamond studded leather stock on my neck to give some elegance to my diamond bullet proof dress in front of the firing squad. LOL. Please leave a comment. Here's the reprint of that Interview.

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