Heroes League Legacy

Becoming a Hero

When choosing to become a hero can mean becoming a vigilante killer…

Outside the safety of post-apocalyptic Domed-Atlanta, heroes and villains constantly battle to the death. Life is safer for those who declare neutrality. XJ Patterson is constantly bullied by her stepsister for wanting to be a hero. XJ becomes sick of the bullying and retaliates. She even believes she’s won. Then, her stepsister’s bullying takes a horrible turn and endangers the life of her mother. No one in her neutral world will lift a finger to save her undocumented mom who has declared herself a hero. XJ is devastated and knows she is the only person who can save her mother. There’s only one problem, XJ must use illegal tech mods to boost her genetic super abilities. 

With great power comes a warped mind… 

XJ must resist the addiction to the mods or end-up a dangerous vigilante killer like her mother and grandmother. 

The original concept for this series was previously published as Breaking Free. This book’s concept is completely new and re-imagined as a superhero story. 

Breaking Free


What if your mom was abducted?

What if the people who held her hostage wanted to erase her mind?

Seventeen year old XJ Patterson is genetically enhanced. So is her revolutionary mother, Dorothy. CAGE, the Coalition to Assimilate Genetically Enhanced Persons, abducts Dorothy because she crossed the wrong person. XJ wants to rescue her mother, but she won’t join the revolution to do it. If she becomes a revolutionary, she can’t live a normal life. And all she wants is to be normal.

Brandon Miller wants XJ to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t care that she’s poor and he’s rich. He doesn’t care that she’s black and he’s white. But right now, his priority is convincing her to tell her story on Revolution TV.

Can he convince XJ in time to help her rescue Dorothy from the CAGE mind sweep?

Breaking Free is the original concept story for Becoming a Hero.