10 Reasons Why Black Widow Movie is Awesomeness!

10 Reasons Why Black Widow Movie is Awesomeness!

Initially, I was hesitant to watch the Black Widow movie. I didn’t want a disappointing repeat of WW1984. I won’t lie, I almost missed awesomeness… what made me go ahead and watch it was Stephen Dorff saying the movie was “garbage.” That made me angry and I decided that I must watch it and give it a chance. 

Black Widow didn’t disappoint. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched the Movie, don’t keep reading. If you’ve watched it already, here’s my 10 reasons why the Black Widow Movie is Awesomeness: 

  1. Female action movie .. story took off from the beginning and the thriller action didn’t slow down. 
  2. Female empowerment.
  3. Fight scenes were intense. 
  4. Black Widow broke her nose so she could kill the nemesis!
  5. Freed girls from a human trafficking ring. 
  6. She was human and a survivor. We saw her bruises. 
  7. She escaped and hid in plain sight multiple times.
  8. She was a great spy and assassin. 
  9. She turned her back on her dark past and forged a new life and ideology for herself.
  10. She healed the wound and mended the fences with her spy family signifying she could do this with the Avengers.

And #11 I sincerely enjoyed her reconnecting with her sister.  It brought a lightheartedness to the movie. Yes, I love the joke about Black Widow’s pose. 

Did you enjoy the Black Widow movie? What were your thoughts? 

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