Why Buy Direct?

Five Reasons to Buy Direct from Alicia:

(1) Support a Black Woman & Veteran-Owned Business. When you purchase directly from me, an independent author and creative entrepreneur, more of your dollars go directly to supporting my work. Buying from large retailers means most of the profit goes to them, not the creators and small business owners. Support me and other minority-owned businesses by buying direct. Click here to learn more about the Action and Vision of Supporting Minority Businesses. 

(2) Access Exclusive and Eco-Friendly Products. I use print-on-demand technology to create one-of-a-kind books and merchandise with unique features not found elsewhere. These products are made using the latest in sustainable digital printing, reducing waste and environmental impact. Buying direct gives you access to these exclusive, eco-friendly items. Click here to learn more about why I chose Print on Demand. 

(3) Gain VIP Status and Perks. As one of my valued customers, you'll receive special offers, discounts, bonus content, and more not available to others. You'll get sneak peeks at new releases, chances to win free books and merchandise plus the opportunity to shape what I create next. Join my VIP readers and buyers to take advantage of these benefits.

(4) Make a Difference with Your Impact and Dollars. When you buy direct from me, your dollars go further in funding the stories and messages that matter to you. Your support determines which creative projects come to life and which communities get represented. Your dollars vote for the kind of empowering and inclusive work you want to see more of. Invest in my mission of sharing diverse stories of courage, bravery, and strength. 

(5) Where you choose to spend your money matters - Together, we can make a difference through the power of conscious consumerism. Your dollars and impact go further when you buy direct from independent creators and small businesses.