Blerd Lifestyle: My Thunderdome Mood

Blerd Lifestyle: My Thunderdome Mood

So, I'm in this weird place today where I'm in my Thunderdome feelings. Yup, the 1985 Mad Max movie that is feeling eerily similar to the real world today.

I ordered the Aunty shirt from PaperXPencil and it's perfect for what's going on in my blerd world. Can you hear me singing like Tina?

"We don't need another hero..." Yes, you all know I can't sing but you get the picture. 😂

By the way, Tina Turner is one of my most favorite singers ever... She is truly a Diva. When I was a kid, I so wanted to be just like Tina when I grew up (big hair and all!).

I guess it's okay for me to be feeling Thunderdome today and listening to one of my favorite songstresses. I'm moving on to "What's Love Got to Do With it Next."

Enjoy your day!

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