Book Two in the Genetic Revolution Series is Coming...

Book Two in the Genetic Revolution Series is Coming...

Within the last couple of months, I received lots of tweets and emails asking about Book Two in the Genetic Revolution Series.  Double Identity is scheduled to come out 2014.  I’m working hard to build or create a series that readers will continue to love and enjoy.  I’m hoping readers will enjoy book two. Double Identity picks up where Breaking Free ended.  Here’s the description.

XJ Patterson’s world just got more complicated. She’s been trying to save her revolutionary mom from an evil mind swipe procedure when she discovers that she and her two long lost cousins are a secret genetically-enhanced weapon. She’s already saved one cousin and now she has to find the other.

If that’s not enough, she’s got to deal with the fact that her rich blond boyfriend chose her white step-sister over her.  There’s too much at stake for her to worry about Brandon’s decision but she could sure use his help.  Reconnecting with her long lost cousin proves to be harder than she thought. XJ must traverse the dangerous world of the drug called “ICE” and genetically-enhanced gangs to find her cousin.  Will XJ become an ICE addict or the revolutionary leader that she was meant to be?

Brandon Miller can’t believe his crazy ex-girlfriend forced him to choose her over the love of his life, XJ Patterson.  He never would have made this choice if she hadn’t had the answer as to why his mom was murdered by CAGE (Coalition to Assimilate Genetically Enhanced Persons).  Brandon misses XJ and worries about her. To make matters worse, he learns a devastating secret about his Media Mogul Dad.  When Brandon learns his dad’s secretwill he turn away from the Revolution and help XJ save her mom? 


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