From LSD to Senator: A Closer  Look at Fringe's Agent Broyles

From LSD to Senator: A Closer Look at Fringe's Agent Broyles

I fell in love with Fringe a few years ago after a co-worker suggested that I watch it. I love the series.  One of the characters that I enjoy watching is Agent Broyles played by Lance Reddick.  By far, this has been one of my favorite Fringe seasons.  We watched Agent Broyles move from LSD to becoming a Senator in one season. How awesome is that?


Lance Reddick is a multitalented actor and musician.  He's played many roles
that we're all familiar on Law and Order and CSI Miami. He's got some real talent. Mostly, though, he plays these really serious roles. Agent Broyles is  a tight, military guy. He's  no nonsense and straight to the point. Imagine my suprise when his character mistakenly touches Walter's LSD and gets high. It's a hugely funny scene.  He blows bubbles and does some things that are quite uncharacteristic.


That was a season topper.  I also enjoyed the fact that his character becomes a Senator in the future.  The role suites the character well. I do have to admit, though, that Fringe's season finale was a bit confusing and anti-climatic. I'm hoping that they are able to bring Fringe back with gusto. I'm wondering if too many balls are up  in the air.

Anyway, I'm hoping to see Agent Broyles in the future. Any Fringe heads out there? Leave me a comment, if you'd like.

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