Georgia Romance Writer’s Conference 2012 Was Empowering!

Georgia Romance Writer’s Conference 2012 Was Empowering!

Last weekend, I attended the Annual Moonlight and Magnolias Conference for the Georgia Romance Writers. It was a wonderful experience. Not only did I have the chance to meet up with my favorite writing buddies but I was able to learn more about the craft of writing.

This isn’t my first M & M but I was very pleased with the level of empowerment and enrichment that I received from the writer’s workshops and private conversations with other successful authors in the paranormal genre.  With the theme “Corsets, Crime and Craft”, what else could the conference be but empowering? My favorite was the Junkyard Forensics workshop where the presenter passed around foot print casts, bones, and dead insects.  K. That was just cool! 

It was neat to present a workshop with my writing friend and mentor, Delaney Diamond.  And then my wonderful bestie, Sharon Cooper, was the moderator. How cool was that?  I was touched by the authors who shared their experiences with me after the workshop on self-publishing.  I also enjoyed my twin writing sister’s  (Kendall Grey) presentation on Self-publishing.  She’s my she-roe!

I also learned that I share the same Myers-Brigg type as “Don” from Mad Men in a hilarious moment with GRW President, Anna Steffl when we both came to the same realization that we both were “Don.”  I’ve always found “Don’s” character intriguing and now I know why. LOL!

I was proud to have coordinated the Pitch workshop and to have been a part of the M & M Committee. Terry Brock Poca and Noelle Pierce were very organized and worked hard to put together a wonderful conference.  Can I say how proud I am of Noelle Pierce and Adrienne Trent for placing in the paranormal category for the Maggies?  Awesome! Go girls!

K. So we did some partying!  I haven’t danced like that in years.  I got my groove on to Rick James, MJ, and I was “sexy and I knew it.”  LOL.  I did need some Icy Hot afterwards but it was fun.  Then, when I thought I had no more energy, Sunday morning, Jeffrey Stepakoff, finished the conference with his “Master Class in Story Structure” where he shared his fiction writing techniques from being a screen writer. 

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I also networked with so many authors. It was amazing to meet so many exciting and interesting Romance writers.  If you love writing romance and live in the Southeast, look up our next conference in 2014. I guarantee that you’ll feel energized and empowered, too. Check out the pics on my FB fan page. J  

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