Gwen and Arthur’s Break Up on SyFy's Merlin was Anti-Climatic

Gwen and Arthur’s Break Up on SyFy's Merlin was Anti-Climatic

OK.  Spoiler alert. Don’t read this post, if you haven’t seen the show.

I caught up on my favorite TV series, Merlin, and I know, I KNOW that Gwen and Arthur had to break-up but I think it was done wrong.  I’ve been taking a few days to process the entire “Lancelot Du Lac” show and it still just aggravates me. 


We all know the lore. Gwen and Lancelot have this love affair that destroys the trust between Arthur and Gwen.  I fast forwarded through most of the scenes on this episode.  It was like “see how happy we are even though you know we won’t make it.”  The break-up of Gwen and Arthur happened too fast and on the eve of their wedding day! Come on!  I have strong feelings about Morgana using the coin that her sister died for-to break up Arthur and Gwen. Her character is usually much brighter than that and the magic bracelet was too convenient and easy.

Something about this particular episode just bugged me.  Then, poor Lancelot is a shade for Morgana’s fancy.  Everything fit too perfectly and it was predictable.  In some ways, I was looking for something like the Game of Thrones ending with Ned getting executed. 

I wasn’t surprised, my heart didn’t race, and I felt cheated. Something as serious as this, should have gone on for several episodes. In fact, the whole "black woman servant" idea crossed my mind several times. Why was Gwen treated in this manner? 

In the end, I was also aggravated that Gwen loaded up her own stuff (no horse or anything) and was disgraced out of town so easily. Not one person, except Merlin, cried foul play with magic.  Um, if they were that happy and then wham she cheated, what else could have happened?  I have to say that I also watched the next episode where Gwen’s brother was possessed and he wasn’t executed. He wasn’t even thrown out of court.  Was it sexism? Why was Gwen not given the benefit of the doubt? Nobody even saw that magic bracelet. She was simply disgraced.  Did anyone else feel that way about the “Lancelot Du Lac” episode? It was anti-climatic for me.

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