I Wanted to be Wonder Woman When I was a Kid….

I Wanted to be Wonder Woman When I was a Kid….

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I would regularly put my hands on my hips and I would fight just like Wonder Woman. My favorite activity was defeating my cousins by lassoing them and forcing them to tell the truth. Wonder Woman was my hero and it didn’t matter to me that she was a white woman—it only mattered that she was a female superhero. 

Yes, my 51-year old self struggles with my 10-year self (my little SAGE) about if she was that much in love with Wonder Woman. 

The 51-year old whispers, “But we have Black Panther now with Shuri and the Dora Milaje” and my little Sage whispers back, insistent, “I wanted to be Wonder Woman.” 

My 10-year old Sage insists that these are the reasons she loved and wanted to be Wonder Woman.

  • Wonder Woman was a true hero. 
  • She had superhero abilities that rivaled Superman and definitely more than Batman. 
  • She punched and kicked like the best of them. 
  • She wasn’t a weeping flower. 
  • She was an Amazonian (who my SAGE secretly believes meant she was Black and only passed as a White woman)
  • She had the best bracelets. They deflected bullets!
  • She had an invisible jet…
  • The Lasso of truth…
  • And the coolest theme song EVER

Yes, the 51-year, admits publicly, that she uses the 1970s Wonder Woman Theme song as her ringtone.  And, Wonder Woman is one of the reasons why I write Black women superheroes.

I’m so freaking excited about the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie on Christmas Day this year. Are you going to watch it? If so, let me know if you want to do a watch party. 

Hear me singing the 1970s  theme song “Wonder Woman…” 

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