Interracial Couple, played by Angel Coulby and Bradley James, has “hot” chemistry on the hit SciFi show Merlin

Interracial Couple, played by Angel Coulby and Bradley James, has “hot” chemistry on the hit SciFi show Merlin

I just watched Angel Coulby and Bradley James in the season finale of Merlin. The hit BBC TV series that is being shown on NetFlix and the Sci Fi channel. The show has a large following in the UK but not so much in the US.   I actually enjoy the series but admittedly it wasn’t so great in the beginning. The series, though, seems to have taken a darker tone but still has the humor from the earlier shows. This season I enjoyed many of the episodes but my favorite was the Queen of Hearts.  It was the "romantic" episode. 

The Queen of Hearts Episode was a blast. We really had a chance to see Gwen and Arthur have a true romance. Wow! They had deep chemistry in this show. The relationship blossomed and heated up with a secret rendez-vous and passionate kisses. I’ll admit that I swooned over some of those kisses. But the drama sped up when Arthur professed his love to the king and was willing to give up the throne to be with Gwen.

angel coulby and Brandley James as arthur and gwen

Uther couldn’t accept that his son would fall for a servant. Servants are to be “romped” but not loved or married. It had to be the use of magic. I’ve always sensed the classicism in such European tales and legends but did anyone else find it strange that Morgana , in this episode, was “hell-bent” on keeping her servant and a biracial “looking” Gwen off the throne? I know that Morgana is just plain old evil but I’m torn. A part of me thinks it’s just the “drama” of Camelot and the other side senses the racial/classicist subtext and symbolism underneath.

I’ve been so involved in the series that I completely missed the controversy. When I began researching more information for this blog, it didn’t dawn on me just how controversial Angel Coulby being cast as Gwen had become. She is of mixed race heritage and apparently it caused a big stir. I contend that Coulby was cast correctly. She brings a calmness, kindness and grace to Gwen that works wonderfully. I don’t believe that they could’ve found a better Gwen. Anyone have feelings about Angel as Gwen?

angel coulby and bradley james as arthur gwen kissing in front of horses.

Well, I’m all ready to see what happens on the next season of f Merlin. It ended with Arthur giving Gwen an intense kiss.  

I can’t wait to the next season to see what transpires between this budding couple. Does anyone else think this Gwen and Arthur have great chemistry?

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