it's Official: I'm a writer & Audiobook narrator!

it's Official: I'm a writer & Audiobook narrator!

You might remember about a little over a year ago when I announced that I'd set-up my studio. Well, it's taken some time but I've finally taken the necessary coursework and my first narration project released. I narrated a few parts in J. Thorn's Three Story Method: Writing Scenes. Click here if you're a writer and would like to purchase. It's been an adventuresome last couple of months but I'm excited to say that I've accomplished one of my dreams. I have finally become an Audiobook Narrator and it's fantastic. Look for more incredible audiobooks coming soon. And no worries, I'm still working on my writing projects. I have some fun projects in the works. Details soon!

Is there a dream that you've wanted to accomplish or have you accomplished something big recently? Let me know in the comments.

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