Kudos to Rick Riordan for Creating Multicultural Characters in the Kane Chronicles

Kudos to Rick Riordan for Creating Multicultural Characters in the Kane Chronicles

My great friend Roschell Thybulle recommended that I read the Kane Chronicles. It's a wonderful YA series written by Rick Riordan the creator of Percy Jackson.  I have to give Mr. Riordan kudos for taking the time to create Carter and Sadie Kane, two biracial children who are descendants of Pharohs.

When I first began the series, the thought rolled in the back of my mind that these stories would just be a coloring of the Percy Jackson archetype. I also wondered if Riordan would be able to "pull it off" and write multicultural characters with commercial or Disney appeal. I'm thinking he has.


As a Media Specialist and Librarian, I'm always on the hunt for books that have that commercial appeal with characters of color. Rick Riordan did a great job of weaving in the concerns of children of color while keeping the work commercial.

On scene, Carter is having "that" conversation with his dad, "Carter, you're getting older. You're an African American man. People will judge you more harshly, and so you must always look impeccable." 

For African Americans words like these often ring true. Carter goes on that it's not fair but his dad goes on to say, "Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same...Fairness means everyone gets what they need. And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself." Reading this, made me think back on my childhood days when I lamented about things not being fair for me as an African American.  Throughout the book, Riordan was able to weave in those cultural pieces in a way that were suitable and geniune.

I appreciate the effort.   Sadie_Kane

The Kane Chronicles has cross over appeal and it could easily connect with the Percy Jackson series. I believe that a Disney movie might be on the horizon for Carter and Sadie.  If you love YA and have read the books in this series, did you like them?  What do you think about a teen Disney movie that's similar to Percy Jackson. I'm all ears. 

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