My Writer’s Life: Virtual MurderCon 2020

My Writer’s Life: Virtual MurderCon 2020

This week I’ve been participating in a virtual Writer’s Conference, MurderCon. I’m sad that it’s only virtual because I’d love to be out there with other like-minded authors but the virtual conference has been enlightening and intriguing.  The keynote speaker discussed “How to Catch a Serial Killer.”  I felt like I was in a Mindhunter episode as I learned about the challenges involved with tracking down a serial killer.  Well, I’ve been having such a great time learning all the ins and outs of writing crime fiction, murder mysteries and well, serial killers. If you want to check out my African Elementals series to see how I added a supernatural serial killer to the story, click here to learn more

Well, back to learning.  So much fun! 

Creepy maniacal laughter…

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