My Writing Inspiration: NetFlix’s High on the Hog Limited Series

My Writing Inspiration: NetFlix’s High on the Hog Limited Series

In my writing ✍🏾, I’m always inspired and love connecting my fictional worlds to Africa and the African Diaspora. When I see shows that connect the perseverance and great courage of African descendant peoples, I get very excited. The premise of Netflix’s food series “High on the Hog” is based on Dr. Jessica B. Harris’ book and shares the breadth and depth of African American food as well as offers this incredible connection to legacy. 

In fact, I immediately connected with the first episode when Food Writer Stephen Satterfield visits the “Door of No Return “ in Ouidah, Benin. Satterfield is visibly emotional. I had a similar experience when I travelled to the “Door of No Return” at Elmina Slave Castle in Ghana. 

I loved the historical elements of the Dahomey Female Warriors, City of Ganvie sharing Voodoo as an original act of escape from white slavers and the struggles African Americans face from redistricting our farm land to the secondary standards placed on our food. 

In general, this is a fantastic series that I can’t wait to see more and learn. I’ve even purchased Dr. J’s book  and will have a book discussion with my niece. 

“High on the Hog”is inspirational and I am inspired to be able to connect the deep roots of African food in my writing journey. 

What about you? Have you been watching this series? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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