Remembering LA Banks: Rest in Peace

Remembering LA Banks: Rest in Peace

I just heard the news of the passing of LA Banks.  Leslie Banks has been an inspiration to me. I've always felt a kinship with her because of her love of writing paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  I was so sad to learn that she was ill with adrenal cancer. I prayed that she would regain both her health and strength.  I'm so struck with her death, that I had to stop for a few minutes and remember her warm personality, comforting smile, supportive nature, and awesome storytelling ability. 

I love how LA Banks was inspiring especially to young people.  One of my first blog posts was about her visit to Parkview High School to speak to a group of eager young adults. I know that many students have enjoyed her books especially her vampire huntress series.  I was so pleased to see that she'd began Neteru Academy, a new YA series.  As a school librarian, it's often very hard to find a protagonist of color who is both beautiful and smart.

I'm back to school this week and I've been swamped but I had to stop and take a moment of silence for such a wonderful author.  If you'd like to share what you love about LA Banks or her books, please share.  I know she'll be missed.

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