Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to The Soul Eaters) Chapter Four

Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to The Soul Eaters) Chapter Four

I'm so excited about the number of free downloads for Flee on Smashwords. The free promotion for Flee will end soon. No worries, it'll still be available on as a free read.

There has been lots of discussion about what's going on in this short story. I have a a formal response to some of the questions that readers have been asking in regards to the brutal domestic violence as well as female genital mutilation in the story. Look for my upcoming blog response on July 30th along with the winners of Breaking Free.  

Well, Chapter three was more emotional but Chapter Four gets back to the paranormal.  Are you all ready to meet that creepy priest and learn something new about Shania's baby girl?  Feel free to leave a comment. 

Chapter Four

The girl screamed but only muffled sounds could be heard. 

          “You ‘vill be purfect for the master and mistress.” The priest sewed a hibiscus flower into the girl’s duct taped sealed mouth.

          She cried a muffled scream.

          “Magic be good.”  The priest kept singing and sewing. Then, he used the iron knife to trail down the girl’s body, between her legs. The child struggled and tried to turn her fear ridden body.  He found her open spot then he sliced and dug her private parts until he’d removed her clitoris.

          “I got it! I got it!”  He danced around and then dropped the knife as he watched the girl choke to death on her own vomit. 

          “Her soul be ripe. She be ready for the Master and Mistress!” The old priest yelled and his mouth opened into a swirling portal that sucked in the girl’s fleeing soul.

          Shania violently awakened in a cold sweat.   Was that dream real? On shaky legs she got out of bed. She felt a cool breeze. Hadn’t she locked the windows and doors?

          She softly whistled for Thor but didn’t hear him stir. Her hands shook as she turned the door knob. Cautiously, she moved into the hallway. Her heart pounded in her ears. Stealthily moving towards Lydia’s room she saw a white light surrounding her door. She thought it was odd but she opened Lydia’s creaky door anyway.  Lydia slept soundly.  Shania breathed a sigh of relief. She heard a crashing sound from the kitchen. What was that?

          Inside the living room, she saw the wooden box and African chair stool tipped over. The Adinkra symbols called to her.

          She heard the words “Aya! [I am not afraid of you]!”

A thud came from the kitchen. Shania picked up the shovel that she used for gardening.  She took a deep breath and pushed through the kitchen door.  She scanned the dark room but it was empty. She flicked on the light and screamed.

          Thor was sprawled across her kitchen table in an unnatural manner.  His neck hung like a broken twig. She wailed and walked over to her dog.

          “No.” She cried. Tears drenched her face and night gown.

          When she looked closer to the table, she saw a vase with drooping red poppy flowers and a note.           It said:

          No one stands between me and you. Next time, I’ll abort Deacon’s daughter the way you aborted my child. –Corbin.

          Shania’s insides clinched as she dropped the shovel. 

          Shania fell to her knees. Her life was dark and sad.  She’d lost another connection to Deacon.  Her baby girl came into the kitchen.

          “Mama, it’s okay.” Lydia looked like the perfect mixture between her and Deacon.  “Nana, told me that I was special. I know how I can help.” 

          Shania smiled at her daughter. “Thank you baby girl, it makes me feel good to know that you care.”

          Shania continued to mourn until she felt magical warmth around the kitchen. A bright glow filled the room and then a deafening sound occurred as Lydia touched Thor.  Shania watched Lydia close her eyes as bones creaked, crunched and knitted back together.  Thor’s muscles jerked, cracked, and moved in an electrified dance.  His head snapped back into place and then his eyes jumped, fluttering. Shania sat stunned as she watched Thor return to himself.  He licked Lydia’s face and they played with one another as if it were normal for Lydia to perform a resurrection.

          “Oh, my God!” Shania screamed as Thor leapt off the table and licked her face.

          “How’d you do this?” Shania’s mouth could barely form words.

          Lydia smiled and sat down next to her. “Mama, are you happy?  I brought Thor back. Nana said we need him as our guardian on this journey.”

          Shania looked at her in disbelief. “Nana? What child? What are you talking about? How’d you do this?”

          “Nana said we’re magical people. We are descendants from the Great Mother, Mawu. She wanted me to remind you.” Shania studied Lydia’s face. Her memories sloshed around like jugs of water in the back of an old jeep. Something was stopping her from remembering.

          Shania grabbed Lydia and Thor in a big hug. “C’mon let’s go to bed.” 


          Shania fell into a deep sleep. 

The priest waited for her. 

          “I see you. I know she here. The little priestess be awakened. I come for her soul! The Master and Mistress has been waiting for long time.” 

          She tried to wake but a tingling feeling overtook her and it seemed as if she were stuck between two worlds.

          “You can’t have my child!” Shania screamed.

          The priest rolled his eyes back and laughed. “We be on our way!”

The scene changed and a beautiful brown-skinned woman dressed in a royal purple head dress came into view. She was gorgeous shimmering in the moonlight. Shania squinted, was it a younger version of her Nanabaa?

Feel free to leave a comment.   Here's Chapter five and my response to reader's questions is on July 30th. You can also download the entire story in your e-reader.

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