Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to the Soul Eaters) Chapter Three

Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to the Soul Eaters) Chapter Three

Chapter Two was intense.  The mixture of the box and domestic violence has placed Shania in a new frame of mind.  Her transformation is on the way.  At the end of this summer reading fest, I'll write a blog post or two about the controversial issues in this short story.  But for now, please take a look at Chapter Three.  You'll get the chance to meet her best friend, Maddy Lynh.  Take a look.

Chapter Three

          Shania heard a ferocious growl and Thor leapt for the kill.  She saw Thor tear into Corbin. She winced as canine teeth punctured muscle and bone. The man screamed, backing away. He held his bloody arm as the men in the room forced him towards the door. Thor almost went back for more but Maddy calmed him down.

          “Shania, this isn’t over!” Corbin yelled. “I’ll find a way to take Deacon’s child, the way you took away my child.”


          Shania scraped the food on the plate into the garbage disposal.  She took a deep breath and allowed the pain of Corbin’s punches to subside.  Her lip was busted and her entire body felt sore. Shania tried to push the victim inside down.  So much was wrong with her life. She wanted a change. She wanted happiness. She wanted love.  Maddy came into the kitchen and sat down.

            “Shay, I know it’s been hard but now that Nana’s gone, I think you should stay with me in Atlanta.”

          Shania’s back stiffened. She didn’t want to cry. She was afraid that if she moved to Atlanta, she might run into Deacon. “I-I don’t think I can. There’s so much for me to do in Detroit.”

          Maddy moved in a little closer. “I love you like a sister. I’d be worried if you stayed here. Corbin will kill you or my little goddaughter. I’d feel much safer, if…”

          Shania allowed the tears to flow down her face. Her world caved in.

          “I’m such a miserable failure. I can’t do anything right.”

          Maddy helped her to a chair. “It’s okay, Shay.”

          Shania allowed the grief to overwhelm her. How was she going to make it without her grandmother? She loved Detroit. She loved her urban farm apartment complex. She loved teaching the students in her Master Gardening class as a Professor at Michigan Urban University but something was missing from her life—Deacon.  She missed him but to move to Georgia after all these years just didn’t make sense.

          “I’ve got to stop crying. Lydia might wake up. I don’t want to scare her.” Shania’s crying simmered.

          “It’s okay. I closed her door. I’m glad you didn’t allow her to attend the funeral and dinner. She’s a tough little one but it was a hard day.” Maddy rubbed Shania’s back.

          “Shay. Is it true? Is Lydia Deacon’s child?” Maddy’s asiatic eyes pierced her soul.

          Shania buried her face in Kleenex. She couldn’t believe that all of her secrets were exposed. 

          She blew her nose. “Yep, it’s true.” Shania allowed the words to hang in the air on a hook.

          “I see.” Maddy leaned back in the chair.

          Memories flooded back. There was something buried inside. She knew somehow that her grandmother had something to do with this but things were hazy.  She pushed the chair, stood up, and found a glass to get some water.

          Maddy looked thoughtful. “Now I understand why you never wanted to visit me in Atlanta. But Shay, you’ve got to tell the man that he has a child. This-This isn’t right.”  Maddy’s hands slapped the table.

          Shania took a gulp of water. She knew it wasn’t right but something inside her memories told her that it would be dangerous for them all to be together.  There was a warning—something of power and magic.

          Shania clinked the glass on the counter.           “I-I know but I can’t bring myself to tell him.”           Shania rubbed the palm of her hand.

          “You still love him, don’t you?” Maddy looked sympathetic.

          Shania couldn’t say anything. She did love him.

          “I stood the man up at the altar and told him that I had an abortion. I don’t even understand why. I was young, stupid.” Shania’s insides churned as she tried to remember how she allowed the love of her life to walk away.

          “Well.” Maddy said. “It’s settled. You’ll pack up and stay with me until we can sort this out.  I’ve got to catch my plane tonight but I can cancel it and help you move.”

          Shania stared straight and thought hard.  She always enjoyed Maddy’s company. Maddy was funny, smart, and had quick wit. Shania smiled as she remembered the first time they met. Maddy told her that she wasn’t mixed but her “blackness” was enhanced with some extra Vietnamese flavor. Maddy was the best cook. She owned an Asian and Black infusion restaurant in Atlanta.

          Shania folded her arms. She respected her friend but something inside made her hold back. “No. I can’t. Please don’t cancel your plane. You’ve been away from your restaurant too long. Besides, there’s too much to do here. Lydia and I will be fine. Don’t worry. I’ll figure something out. ”

          Maddy walked over to Shania. “You don’t have to stay here. You both can stay with me anytime.”

          Shania gave Maddy a huge hug. It was great to have such a wonderful friend.


Shania drifted to sleep. The dream world seemed surreal.

          A young black girl, around Lydia’s age, laid gagged and bound on a makeshift altar.  The girl’s eyes burned. She could smell the evil stench. A white priest came into the room. He sung a grisly song. 

What would a paranormal romance be without a creepy priest?  Keep Reading. Here's Chapter Four  or download the entire story in your e-reader

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