Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to The Soul Eaters) Chapter Two

Summer Reading Fest: Flee (The Short Story Prequel to The Soul Eaters) Chapter Two

Is everyone ready for Chapter Two? This week proves to be interesting with Corbin’s knowledge of Shania’s pregnancy. What will he do?  Is it ok for him to propose at her grandmother’s funeral?

Hope you all leave me some comments today. Here’s Chapter Two.


Chapter Two

        Shania’s stomach somersaulted. Thor growled again. Shania bent down and rubbed his back. Thor had been a puppy when she broke up with Deacon. Thor had a twin, Hercules, who went with Deacon. The separation had been painful for the twin dogs. They both squealed and whined. She flinched at the memory. 

          She couldn’t deal with this. She hadn’t told Corbin about the abortion. She hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy. How did he know?

          “I want to make you an honest woman. I’d never abandon you like Deacon.” Corbin smiled while forcing her into an upright position. He grabbed her hand and cradled it into the center of his sweaty palms. Shania wanted to pull her hand back and wipe it clean.

          “I know the only reason you broke up with me was because your grandmother stood between us. Since she’s dead, I’m going down on one knee to ask you to marry me.”

          Corbin’s tall body went down and he looked up at her like an enraptured child.    Shania couldn’t speak.

          The Adinkra symbols became a blinding light and she shielded her eyes. Tender memories of Deacon flooded her mind, his smell, his lips, and his kisses but there was something else, danger. Her pulse drummed. She couldn’t be with Deacon because something bad might happen. Her memories flooded back confused, jumbled. She couldn’t figure out what it all meant.

          Corbin tugged her arm. “Will you marry me?”

          Shania heard gasps behind her. Someone whispered, “Is he for real?”

This was all moving too fast.  The Sankofa Adinkra symbol danced, floated.

          Her grandmother’s words rang in her ears. “SE wo were fin a wosankofa a yenkyi. [It is no taboo to return and fetch it when you forget. You can always undo your mistakes].”  

          Shania’s body pulsated. Her vision turned green. It felt like the forces of Earth pushing through her soul.  She drew back and shielded her eyes. Earth magic awakened. The urban farm apartment complex shook. Her guests gasped.

          “Was that a tremor?” Someone asked.

          “In Detroit, couldn’t be.” Another voice spoke from in the room.

Corbin hadn’t moved.

          His words grabbed Shania as the sweaty grip on her trapped hand tightened. “I know you love me. I know you want me. I know you need me.”

          The complex stopped shaking. Shania looked down on Corbin.

          “Please, get up.” She pulled him. “I can’t do this now.” 

          Corbin stood close to her face.  “You are mine and I will have you. I don’t care if you still love Deacon.”

          Thor pressed his body closer to Shania and she stroked his coat.

          Shania compressed her lips. She knew that she may never have Deacon again but she knew that she couldn’t marry Corbin. It wasn’t right. She looked him in the eye and straightened her spine.

          “I don’t love you. I’m sorry but I can’t marry you.”

          Corbin’s smile turned grim. He pulled her close. The alcohol on his breath could’ve incinerated the room. The guests at her grandmother’s funeral made shocked sounds.

          Corbin used his height and weight to intimidate. “You won’t make my child be a bastard like Deacon’s. You will marry me. Now say yes.”

          Shania felt Thor’s hackles rise as he growled ferociously. Shania froze. Her heart panicked. How did Corbin know about Lydia’s father? She’d only written her thoughts in her private diary.

          The Akofena war swords clinked, again. 

          Her grandmother’s voice whispered...“The swords mean courage, valor, and heroism.”

          Shania slightly shoved Corbin back to give herself breathing room. “No. I don’t love you and I’m not having your child.”

          Corbin stumbled and looked confused. He rubbed his hands along the sides of his legs.  “Girl, stop playin’ wit me.” He pointed in her face. “I know you pregnant.”

          His eyes pleaded with her.

          Shania’s shoulders shrunk. She looked around. Everyone stared. She didn’t know what to do. Tears welled behind her eyes. The death of her grandmother and aborted child had taken its toll.

          “I’m not pregnant, anymore. I-I saw a doctor the other day.” Shania allowed the tears to roll. She could see Maddy heading towards her to offer support.

          Before she knew it, Corbin sucker-punched her with a force that made her teeth scream. Thor lunged and tried to clamp down on Corbin’s leg but missed.

          “You whore! You’d rather give your body to the white man instead of me. I guess being half-white isn’t good enough for you!” 

          Help couldn’t arrive fast enough as Corbin closed his fist and cold cocked her again. Shania’s body crumbled to the floor as she witnessed the tip of Corbin’s pointed Stacy Adam’s dress shoe raring back to kick her in the abdomen.  Maddy screamed and the male guests tried to hold Corbin back. Shania closed her eyes and braced for the impact.

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