Three Reasons Why We Need a Wakanda Theme Park

Three Reasons Why We Need a Wakanda Theme Park

I’ve been thinking about this intently for a few days. We need a Wakanda World Theme Park. 

I’d like to see Wakanda come to life. 

As I was looking at the unveiling of the Chadwick Boseman’s mural (It’s beautiful and exemplifies the future),  I couldn’t lose the feeling that’s there’s more to be had with a full theme park. I know this may sound trite but with everything that has been happening to African Americans, we need Afrofuturistic hopes, dreams, and imaginative thought. 

Alicia McCalla husband and relative with Wakanda Chair

1) Black Panther is the superhero young Black children need to see and understand and the superhero that older folks have been dying to see... Some years ago, my husband told me the story of how when he was a little boy, his sister purchased him a Superman costume. He wore it to his daycare. When he walked in, one of the white boys told him “you can’t be Superman because you’re Black.” My husband said the comment crushed him and he never wanted to be a superhero again. When Black Panther became a sensation, my hubby became the biggest fan. He sports Wakanda t-shirts and has all the Black Panther merch...including the chair! And, I won't begin to tell you about my Black Panther purse, wallet, socks and shoes...

2) Wakanda is Afrofuturistic thinking in 3D. Wakanda is an advanced technological Black world and it is unapologetically Afrofuturistic. The idea that Black people can step up and be more technologically advanced is mindset shifting. This is powerful self-esteem for Black and Brown children. Around the world, Black children recognize the "Wakanda Forever"greeting. In fact, they stand up, spine-straight, with Afrocentric honor in recognition of the greatness that Wakanda inspires.

3) Memoriam to Chadwick Boseman.  I wrote about my personal struggle with grief when Chadwick passed but I choked back tears when I saw images of black children having a memorial service for black panther. #WakandaForever: Kids honor Chadwick Boseman with action figure memorials. Very difficult to lose such a power superhero. 

So, I'm agreeing with Whoopi Goldberg. I’d really like to see Disney take a strong approach to commemorate Chadwick and the Black Panther enterprise. I have three goals for Disney:

1)Strengthen the Black Panther attraction in Orlando

2)Build a full Wakanda Theme Park in the Atlanta Area

3)Build a World of Wakanda Nation Theme Park in Africa between Ethiopia and Kenya

Yes, I'm looking for Disney to step up and create a full worldwide immersion, seriously, it needs to be a tri-level World of Wakanda Experience.

It’ll bring hope, dreams, and boost self-esteem. #Wakandaforever!

Share my post with the Executives at Disney and let's make this a thing that Disney can't ignore. Yup. It's that important.

Let me know your thoughts...too..

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