Why I love superhero short reads

What I Love About My Superhero Short Reads eBook and Audiobook

What l love about my Superhero Short Reads eBook & Audiobook is the fact that it highlights three strong Black Women protagonist who show strength, bravery or courage. 

In the first short story, The Ring, I wanted to explore how a woman with strong powers learns to control her emotions. Yes, it’s a romance—which I usually don’t write but I had fun with this one. 

The second short story, Superhero Baby Boy, I was dealing with my grief over losing my son.  This story was about how a new mom who lost everything must use her “human skills” to save her child by facing down a pack of hungry wolves. 

And then, the third story, The Red Diamond, I just wanted to write a badass vigilante.  She uses her skills and gadgets to fight a villain who is high on superhuman drugs.

If you’ve already read Superhero Short Reads or listened to the audiobook, what do you think of these heroines? Would you like me to write more short stories like these?

Let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts here in a review.

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