Origins of an African Elemental (1-3)

About Origins of an African Elemental

And the tale of the African Elementals begins…

This prequel boxed set is the first, second and third installment in the African Elemental series.  Mawu, Iniko, and Shania grow into their strength as mothers and warriors. These  women wield the elements and war swords to save this universe from an ancient  evil.


An insidious demonic force infects the West African pantheon and a modest Earth  goddess goes on a quest to save her people from destruction. She finds strength in  the arms of a Norse god who believes in justice. But when Mawu returns to the  African pantheon, she must take an oath that threatens the life of her unborn child.


Iniko, daughter of a West African goddess and a Norse god, struggles with her  estranged husband, who abducted their child and is intent on murdering the girl in a  blood-soaked ritual to gain power for his ancient demonic master. Iniko travels to a  West African castle during the slave trade to battle possessed vampire-like beasts  with her sword and dagger to rescue her child. Can she find the strength to kill the  man who once held her heart and the key to her magic?

Flee: A Short Story

After the death of her grandmother, Shania Moore, a 27-year old African-American woman, is tormented by her ex-boyfriend and a paranormal serial killer. When Shania falls into a dream realm and connects with an ancient African goddess, her earth magic awakens. Shania realizes that in order to save her daughter’s magical soul, she must run into the arms of the white man whom she lied to about having an abortion and stood up at the altar ten years before.

Next book in the series: Rise of an African Elemental

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