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A Moment of Gratitude and Celebration

I am absolutely overflowing with gratitude today. As the dust settles from this past Black Friday shopping weekend, I am thrilled and honored to share that with your support, I have surpassed my sales revenue goal for 2023!

Setting a clear, achievable goal at the beginning of this year provided focus and motivation as I worked diligently to build my biz. But in my wildest dreams, I never imagined how much love and encouragement this community would show in helping me exceed all expectations.

Reaching my annual sales goal is a dream come true. Every purchase, each positive review, all the shares and messages of appreciation - it has made all my efforts feel so worthwhile. I am living proof that with hard work and passionate customers behind you, anything is possible as an indie author and small business owner.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU for taking this creative journey with me in 2023. Together with your support, I launched my Shopify site, released the Affirmations Collection, and started serializing my new Superhero Vigilante story. It has been an incredible year of growth.

Alicia McCalla dressed in a pink wig wearing Badass Black Woman with Thank You

To celebrate this massive win together, I'm offering 15% off of my bestsellers from now until December 2nd with code CELEBRATE2023. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me shatter all expectations and kick off 2024 on an exciting high note! This community is family, and I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish next.

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