Young Tia Jackson walking in the rain next two eBook and Audiobook for Pre-order of the Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Serial and Audio Drama

Get Ready for The Sentinel's Epic Prequel Pre-Order & Audio Drama Episode One

I'm thrilled to announce that the PreQuel Teaser Pre-order for “Chosen By Storm”  will be released on [February 13, 2024] as a precursor to Season One's first full episode.

And, to get readers excited about the pre-order, I've created a riveting 3-part audio drama. The first audio drama episode one of three will be released next week.

What's the Audio Drama all about?

This mini audio drama will unveil the shadowy beginnings of how my fierce protagonist, Tia Jackson, first gets called to become a defender of her city. It aims to draw you into the first spark that ignites her legend.

Thank you to everyone whose passion has fueled this project from the start! The Pre-order and the audio drama's episode one will be available on [January 23, 2024]. Stay tuned here and on social media using #TheSentinel for the big announcement!

Get ready to experience the storm!

Prequel Teaser for the Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Serial

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