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A New Hero Rises: What I’m Working on Next…

I cannot wait to introduce you to my latest badass superheroine. She’s a new defender on the horizon. For some time now, I have been developing a new character and story steeped in the superhero vigilante lore we all love. While the full details remain masked for now, rest assured that this champion's origin story is one for the ages.

Even in the early stages, I feel that familiar spark of wonder and purpose that drives me to want to tell this story. This character has me engaged. I just love superhero vigilantes, especially to see this in a Black woman lead character. I have a calling to craft this tale that simply demands to be answered.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be unveiling exclusive glimpses into this new hero's world. Expect a cover reveal for prequel short story, advanced samples, and story teasers fit for diehard fans and newcomers.

Thank you for being my supporters. It is your passion that empowers this hero's quest! Stay tuned for the next thrilling phase. A new defender is rising, ready to take up the mantle. The time is coming to don the mask!

Let justice prevail!

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