Black woman with wings emerging from a fiery battleground. I survived.

Badass Affirmation of the Week: I SURVIVED!

This week's affirmation celebrates resilience and strength as we approach Thanksgiving:

I Survived.

Let the majestic imagery of the Black woman with wings in the illustration represent your ability to overcome any challenges. Visualize yourself as this powerful figure, unyielding in the face of adversity and emerging stronger from every battle.

Throughout your personal triumphs, what have you learned about your inner fortitude? As gratitude season begins, reflect on how you've sharpened your skills through facing life's "monsters".

Journal Prompts:

  • In what ways can you continue honing your resilience?
  • Recall moments of facing tough battles - what do these reveal about your strength?
  • What are you grateful for this season regarding your power to survive?

Black woman with wings emerging from a fiery battlefield.
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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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