Red Riding Hood Fractured Fairytale featuring a Brown Skinned Woman



This week, we draw inspiration from Scarlet, a formidable monster hunter who once roamed the forests as a carefree girl in a red hood. Her life took a dark turn when a wolf-like beast devoured her grandmother. Fueled by justice, Scarlet trained under a reclusive hunter, mastering the art of tracking and combat. Now, she navigates the treacherous paths of the forest, her red cloak a symbol of her past and her unwavering determination to rid the world of the monsters that prey on the innocent. [YOUTUBE LINK]

Affirmation Statement🔥:

"In a world where fear threatens to consume all, I am the crimson huntress, stalking the shadows of a twisted forest. With my crossbow and my sharp senses, I track the monsters that lurk in the darkness. I am the voice of the forgotten, the protector of the innocent, and the scourge of all beasts. I stand tall in my courage and strength, ready to face any challenge that dares to cross my path. I am the unwavering light that pierces through the veil of darkness, the relentless force that will not rest until the land is purged of evil and the innocent can once again walk freely without fear. My resolve is as unbreakable as the steel of my crossbow, and my spirit as indomitable as the ancient oaks that stand sentinel over the forest. I am the crimson huntress, and I will not falter in my quest to bring hope to the hopeless, to be the guiding light that leads the way to a brighter future, and to restore balance to this fractured world."

Scarlet, with her lithe, agile form and piercing, golden-brown eyes, embodies the spirit of a true warrior. Her presence serves as a reminder that we, too, can stand tall in our courage and strength, using our skills to protect the innocent and fight hard against the darkness.

Journal Prompts This Week:

  • Reflect on the times when you've had to stand tall in your courage and strength. How did you overcome your fears?
  • Consider the role of a protector in your life. How can you embody this role in your own way?
  • Think about the concept of facing challenges head-on. How can you prepare yourself to face any challenge that comes your way?

Red Riding Hood Badass

Scarlet's story is a powerful call to action, urging us to stand tall in our courage and strength, to protect the innocent, and to fight against the darkness in our own lives and communities. She embodies the spirit of resilience and determination.

Fractured Fairytale Red Riding Hood Monster Hunter

Scarlet Crimson Huntress and Black Woman Red Riding Hood

Stay inspired, friends!

Let Scarlet's journey inspire you to be a fearless warrior in your own life, to embrace your strength and courage, and to stand as a symbol of hope and protection in the world. 🏹

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