Young Tia Jackson in Chosen By Storm PreQuel Teaser

Discovering Young Tia Jackson: The Heart Behind The Sentinel's Mask

Before the world knows her as The Sentinel, Tia is an everyday hero in Metronix City, a place riddled with shadows and secrets. In the prequel teaser, "Chosen By Storm," you get an intimate look at the defining moments that set her on the path to her destiny.

Tia is more than a character to me; she's a living, breathing embodiment of perseverance and hope. In this short story, I'm taking you back to a time in Tia's life filled with deep personal loss and a fierce desire to right the wrongs of the world. She's not yet The Sentinel, but she's someone who stands up for what she believes in, whose spirit can't be easily broken, and whose journey of courage begins with her first steps toward healing.

"Chosen By Storm" isn't just about the birth of a superhero vigilante—it's an exploration of human resiliency. It's Tia, raw and unrefined, grappling with the pain of her aunt's wrongful execution and how she is fueled by the values her parents instilled in her as educators, refusing to let the flame of justice be extinguished in Metronix's darkest hours. Tia's early narrative is about her personal doubt and grief. Her experiences are relatable to all Black women who have suffered from loss and are grappling with real-world issues. Through Tia’s eyes, you'll experience the gritty reality of injustice within a corrupt Metronix City.

Tia Jackson protagonist in Black Women Superhero Vigilante Serial

Join me in this narrative journey that's rife with emotion, upheaval, and an awakening sense of purpose. "Chosen By Storm" is a love letter to those early struggles that shape us, the losses that mark us, and the inner callings that propel us forward. I can't wait for you to meet the young Tia Jackson and discover the heart behind The Sentinel's mask. "Chosen By Storm" is Tia's epic journey to becoming the champion that Metronix City—and perhaps all of us—need.

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"Chosen By Storm" is live on February 13, 2024. 

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