Nine Badass Black Women Monster Slayers

Badass Affirmation of the Week: 25 Fiercely Prepared Monster Slayers

I'm back again this week to reinforce the powerful message of being prepared with a new blog post reinforcing last week's affirmation. For those who missed it, my video "You Are Prepared: A Badass Monster Hunter's Affirmation" is now available featuring 25 fierce Black women monster slayers.

If you haven't seen the dramatic voiceover and images showing these formidable huntresses owning their readiness, I encourage you to watch it now on my YouTube channel. Let it inspire you to trust in your training and instincts no matter the dangers ahead.

You can also revisit my blog post from last week where I first explored this affirmation with journal prompts about harnessing your inner strength. Remember, with experience and provisions, you have everything you need for any fight.

This week, reflect again on "I Am Prepared" with these JOURNAL PROMPTS:

  • How can you continually hone your skills and resilience?
  • What provisions do you carry with you both physically and mentally when threats loom?
  • What experiences have proven that you can conquer any monster in your way?

Stay empowered as you chase even greater heights of mastery.

Three Black Women Monster Hunters

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