Audio Drama of Chosen By Storm in Three Episodes on YouTube Read By Alicia Speaks

The Sentinel Rises: A Roundup of the Riveting Audio Drama Adapted from 'Chosen By Storm'

The origin story of The Sentinel has unfolded through a riveting 3-episode audio drama adapted from the “Chosen By Storm” Prequel Teaser. Experience the full saga in one place - from Tia Jackson’s tragedy to her iconic transformation into Metronix City’s protector.

Episode 1 [LINK] - The Execution: The Sentinel’s genesis begins with injustice, loss, and a pivotal night that sets Tia Jackson on the path to defending others.

Episode 2 [LINK]- The Choice: In the aftermath of tragedy, Tia is presented with a harrowing decision by the goddess Oya that will forge her into The Sentinel.

Episode 3 [LINK]- Unveiling the Sentinel: We traverse Metronix City's darkness alongside its new guardian, the embodiment of hope, as she emerges to confront shadows with unyielding courage.

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Audio Drama All Three Episodes Adapted From Chosen By Storm

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