Black Woman Jedi Warrior with a Double Lightsaber Affirmation

Badass Affirmation of the Week: Black Woman Jedi Warrior with a Double Lightsaber

I'm thrilled to share with you my #Badass Black Heroine Affirmation of the Week:

"The Force is with me and I am unstoppable!"

Meet my powerful Jedi warrior, wielding her double lightsaber with confidence and determination. May she inspire the badass Jedi within you. This week's affirmation is all about embracing your inner Jedi power and using it to overcome any challenge.

But I'm not just here to share an affirmation with you. I know firsthand the power of tapping into your inner Jedi and using the Force to achieve greatness.

So go out there, embrace your inner Jedi, and know that the Force is with you.

You are unstoppable!

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Alicia McCalla photo credit Dr. Howard McCalla

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