Author Alicia McCalla wearing Oya Merchandise and inspired by Storm

From Myth to Merchandise: Oya in the Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Collection

It's hard to believe it's already been over two weeks since I first launched my Oya-themed merchandise collection in conjunction with Black History Month. The response so far has been incredible! Now that the Sentinel Superhero Vigilante Collection is out in the world, I wanted to give you all a glimpse behind-the-scenes at what went into bringing this meaningful design to life.

When I first discovered Oya, I was immediately drawn to her commanding presence as the Yoruba goddess of storms and protector of women. As I dove deeper into her mythology while developing my Sentinel Superhero Vigilante serial, I found continual inspiration in translating her fierce essence into my protagonist's journey.

Oya Orisha as a Mythic Inspiration

Author Alicia McCalla Celebrating Chosen By Storm Release

From Oya's mastery over lightning to her unwavering sense of justice, her iconic attributes manifest themselves within my heroic vigilante's character. I dreamed of one day honoring this divine muse through a merchandise collection.

After pouring over gorgeous artistic depictions of Oya, I finalized the merchandise design evoking her strength and magic. When samples of the T-shirt and mug arrived, we had a delightful photoshoot where I got to model the collection. I love repping goddess culture while also supporting my fictional world!

I hope this behind-the-scenes glimpse at my creative process inspires you to discover more about Oya and her ties to the Sentinel. I had a fun time celebrating this release [YOUTUBE VIDEO]. Channeling such divine feminine energy truly feeds my passion. Click here for the collection!


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