Black Woman Superhero Guided Meditation on YouTube Read By Alicia Speaks

BADASS GUIDED VISUALIZATION: I Am a Force to Be Reckoned With...

I'm excited to share my new guided visualization that I created from a previous affirmation. It's time to tap into your superhuman strengths! For just a few minutes, I'll walk you through a mindfulness practice to access your formidable inner superhero. 

Close your eyes and travel deep within--on a journey of self-empowerment. By the end, rise feeling inspired by your indomitable spirit and ability to transform lives through your inherent gifts. Here's the link on YouTube [LINK]

Continue Your Practice

If you're called to continue fueling your transformation, I encourage purchasing my 101 Badass Affirmations audiobook. Listen daily to fully internalize your power and ignite the amazing force within you. Your light is needed in this world!

Badass Guided Visualization of becoming a Superhero

Give a few minutes to unleash your strengths. The world needs all you have to offer as a formidable force for good. Journey now to your inner superhero potential!

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